EWB – Indianapolis Professionals Chapter President’s Message

Welcome to our Chapter’s website!

“The Engineers without Borders – Indianapolis Professionals is a growing chapter seeking passionate individuals who are ready to tackle engineering issues around the world and at home. I am very excited and honored to serve as President of the Indianapolis Chapter, and I strongly believe in the goals and values of Engineers without Borders, which is to teach and partner with communities in developing countries for long term success.

I also like to call it “Everyone without Borders”, because along with designing much needed water treatment systems, bridges, latrines, and schools, there is a growing need for health professionals, micro-finance knowledge, and marketing. Our vision for the near future includes adding a new program in another community, and expanding our domestic presence to connect with other local non-profit organizations. 780 million people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation, there is much work to be done, and we welcome you to join!

Engineers Without Borders is a not-for-profit, 501c3 Charitable Organization. I personally welcome anyone with a passion for helping others and an open problem-solving mindset, engineer or otherwise, to add your skills to our hardworking team.”

Jenna McGregor

President EWB – Indianapolis Professionals