2017 Year End Update

Kenya – Springbox

As we wrap up 2017, our chapter is seeing important milestones.  The Kenya Program in Mayanja-Kibuke that so many of you worked on is coming to completion.  At the same time we are embarking on more adventures with a new program in Ecuador.  Also our mentoring with the various student chapters continues.


The Kenya program this year saw the submission of the final reports for the spring boxes and footbridge projects.  In the end, approximately a dozen spring boxes were completed.  The community expressed overall satisfaction with them.  They indicated that the water sourced from the springs was cleaner and that they had been subjected to less disease in the past year.  They also indicated that the new bridge was much safer than the previous one they used.


Kenya – Footbridge

The new Ecuador program saw its first Assessment Report issued this past September.  This program is a joint effort with the Trine University student chapter and Engineers In Action.  It came about as a request from the local community to investigate a failing water supply system.  The Report confirmed that a reliable water supply is indeed the most critical infrastructure need facing the community at this time.  Several alternatives for improving the quantity and reliability of the water supply were identified.  The next steps involve design and implementation of individual projects within this community with the end aim of providing a consistent and reliable supply of water.



Ecuador – Community Survey

If you are interested in getting involved in these efforts, we invite you to join us as either a donor and/or volunteer.  There are many opportunities to improve people’s lives in significant ways.  Feel free to contact Andy Olson Moyano (aeolsonmoyano@gmail.com) with any questions.