1/20/18 Monthly Update

Indianapolis Central Library Atrium

We held our meeting today at the Central Library after conflicting commitments required us to reschedule from last Wednesday.  We had some technical difficulties with the incorrect teleconference call access code.  If you were unable to access, our apologies.  The access code has been corrected in the meeting invite.

New member Ben Heckard attended. He is a water resources engineer with Arcadis recently graduated from LeTourneau University in Texas.  He is originally from south of Fort Wayne.

Kendra mentioned that an EWB Spring Workshop focusing on water resources will be held in April in Toledo.  A call for papers has been issued.  Anyone interested in attending or presenting can contact us for more info.

Roger mentioned that the Trine U. students will be developing alternative assessments for the Ecuador Program.  Technical and quality reviewers are needed.  Travel is anticipated for September. If you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact us.

The Rose-Hulman student chapter was recently approved to develop and implement a project in Ecuador on the coast.  They will also be working with Engineers in Action.

Also, the Purdue student chapter has begun a project in Bolivia.

Due to conflicting commitments, we will be unable to continue meeting on Wednesday nights.  We will be announcing the new meeting dates  within the next few weeks.

In last December’s  elections Andy Olson Moyano and Freddy Rastede volunteered to serve as Chapter President and Secretary respectively for 2018 .  If you are interested in leadership positions, feel free to contact us.