February Update

A much belated update on the February meeting:  The board and members met Thursday, February 15 at 6PM at The Rathskeller to discuss upcoming project and chapter work.  Tasty beverages were partook (?) in.  Roger sent in an update on the Guangaje and other project work:

Trine students are preparing the Alternative Analysis Report for our Ecuador project; needs to be submitted early April, followed by a Implementation Pre-Trip Report (to be prepared by Alan, Kendra and me) for an implementation trip in September.  Probably will initially build several spring boxes.  We’ll eventually need a grant to help fund the construction of a new pump and pipeline project.

Rose-Hulman is going to Ghana this weekend to perform a monitoring and evaluation trip, closing out their community latrine projects.  They constructed two 12-stall latrines over the past 2 years.  Jed Holt, member of Indy EWB, has been the traveling mentor.

Purdue is planning an assessment trip in May to Bolivia.  Community of 300 in Andes Mountains, without a water supply.  Bill Cantwell, member of Indy EWB will be the traveling mentor.  Also Purdue is planning a monitoring and evaluation trip for the biogas project in Uganda for later this year, pending grant funding.  I’ll be going with the team.  The biogas system is working, but we haven’t been able to obtain good operational data on the actual production and usage of gas for cooking.

We decided to hold the Kickball Tournament in August.  It may be held at Southwestway park again, but we will search to see if there are other locations that may be cheaper and allow for a cookout/potluck type event.

It was decided to continue holding meetings at area restaurants or bars for a change of pace in future meetings.  Actual meeting places would be determined on a case by case basis.  Meetings will be held on  the third Thursday of each month.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 15 at 6PM at The Rathskeller again.