March Meeting Update

We met at The Rathskeller again in March to discuss project progress and preparations for the August Kickball Tournament.  Allen sent in the following update:

Regarding the Ecuador project . . . . .

Roger and I met with the Trine team, including faculty advisor and their senior project mentor, to discuss where they stand with the analysis of alternatives (AoA).  We found them more or less on track to deliver a draft to us by the end of March.  We’ve since reached out to EIA for cost, pricing, and implementation information for certain things like pumps (from alternate sources), PVC piping, gutter material, etc.  Felix Vasquez, EIA’s PM in Quito, acknowledged receipt afterwards and is presumably working those needs.  His information will help finalize the AoA.

Our near-term focus is likely on constructing one or two spring boxes to improve sources they’re currently using, as well as improve water access in the small community center with guttering and a storage tank.  Following our meeting, we asked Trine to inject an alternative of guttering the elementary school and providing a storage tank for that run-off.  Concurrently, we’d also work to complete a good survey of a pipeline from one of the alternate sources into an existing storage tank.  We believe that would consume a week’s work in September.  The alternative addressing a source identified by the community last September is likely too expensive/too hard to do, but we’ve asked Trine to complete the analysis sufficiently to let us reach an informed decision.

We’re thinking of a combined Indy-Trine group of approximately eight returning to Guangaje this September.  We’ll need some representation from Indy Pro’s as well as cater some to Trine’s need to make this attractive to student volunteers.  The core group of those working the AoA at Trine are seniors who’ll be leaving in May.  Dr. Tyler will continue on as faculty advisor.  I’m going back to Trine on the 26th (and Roger will dial in) for an evening chapter meeting and will talk this up to them.  This is really their opportunity to market the chapter to students who’ll return in the fall.

Regarding the past Kenya project . . . . .

The last I heard from Ezekiel about 2 months ago was that he, as an independent contractor, believed he was on the verge of a contract that would allow him to construct about eight spring boxes near Bungoma.  I enabled him to construct a demo spring box, but I’ve not heard any further outcome.

Preparations for the Kickball Tournament continue.  We will be researching new venues that may prove more cost effective.  We will be contacting potential sponsors as well as working on the advertising/flyer.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday, April 19 at 6PM at a location to be determined.  To stay tuned to latest updates, subscribe to the RSS feed by pressing the RSS button in the upper right hand corner of the web page.