Volunteer Opportunity

The Iowa State University, student chapter is looking for an engineer with experience in designing and implementing water supply projects to travel with us this winter and help with the implementation of a small water system in the rural village of Ullo, Ghana.  

ISU is currently partnered with Ullo to design and implement a small-town water supply project that will provide all 1500 high school students with enough water for the entire year. This will be implemented in multiple stages. The first stage, completed this past Winter, included drilling and pump testing a borehole to ensure the water source would be able to supply the entire local high school. The results show the combination of the new and current borehole will provide each student with 20 liters per day.  The second stage of this implementation will be carried out this winter (2018-2019) and will include construction of the rest of the water system including the piping, storage tank, and pump. 

We would like for said person to be involved in the design process, which is currently ongoing and, if possible, be located in or near the Des Moines area to participate in pre-trip workshops/meetings. Suggestions of colleagues who may be interested and whom we may contact are also welcomed! 

Email me at mfriedma@iastate.edu or contact me through personal message for more information or if you are interested. Thank you!