Kickball Tournament Update 7/25

The competition for The Great Kickball Trophy of 2018 is heating up!  New teams are signing up left and right.

#CHA is the most recent entry, while tournament veteran #HNTB has signed on.  Both organizations are at the Silver sponsor level.  Newcomers #CBBEL are giving the old timers a run for the money with a massive Gold Level sponsorship and possibly two teams in attendance!  People are saying they have a secret weapon.

Citizens Energy Group has confirmed and will be at the tournament in force #CEG.   In addition, Roger Ward Engineering is sending a team for the first time and veterans Commonwealth Engineers will be challenging as well. #WARD #Commonwealth  Each one will be sending a team at the Silver Sponsor level.

Will last year’s champions Guidon Design be able to withstand the onslaught?  Sign up here to join in on the fun and the action!  Don’t get left out!

We have added two sponsorship levels by popular demand (see attached Kickball Flyer 2018-8).