Kickball this Friday!

Attached for your use and reference here are rules for the game of kickball adapted from the World Adult Kickball Assoc. (so you know these are legit with a capital L)  Note the added fun opportunities for your team to donate additional funds to the EWB cause during the game!
Please return a roster of players on each team along with contact emails so we can note the attendees.  If you signed up as an individual, let us know so we can get you on a team.
We will start at 6PM by introducing the teams, reviewing the rules, distributing meal tickets, making a belated award of last year’s trophy, and taking team photos.  Games will start around 6:30PM.
A copy of the team receipt should suffice as an entry into the park.  We will be meeting by the concessions stand.
You may want to bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towel, etc. for an evening of fun in the sun.  New teams should note that, in the past, some teams have worn jerseys to show their spirit;  although, these are not required.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the games!
Andy Olson Moyano
Indianapolis Professional Chapter
Engineers Without Borders USA