Indiana Engineers Kick Balls to End Drought!

Whaaat?!?!       Have Hoosiers come up with the latest cloud seeding technology, or a new science-backed rain dance!?

Even crazier:  the Indiana engineering community came together during the Engineers Without Borders-Indianapolis Professional Chapter’s 6th Annual Kickball Tournament to support their current work with the Trine University Student Chapter on water supply projects in Guangaje, Ecuador, and all EWB Student Chapters across the state as they work to improve the quality of life in under-served communities around the world.

Tournament Players

The tournament was held Friday, September 21 after being rained out on its original August date with nearly 50 players comprising teams from Christopher B. Burke Engineering, HNTB, CHA, Commonwealth Engineering, Guidon Design, Citizens Energy Group, and Roger Ward Engineering.

Christopher Burke Engineering won the championship playing the final game against against HNTB.  Both teams did an outstanding job at raising additional funds during the games by strategically invoking the special tournament rules.  HNTB raised an additional $110 while Burke raised an additional $50. Last year’s champs, Guidon Design, were on hand to defend their title, as well as collect their belated trophy; however, the Burke juggernaut could not be stopped.

Results of a hard fought tourney.

Tournament drama shot through the roof when the Citizens Energy Group team challenged Burke to a winner take all (loser donate an extra $250) for title to the championship cup.  The teams battled late into the night but after a close 6 to 5 run finish over eight innings, Burke was able to hold off a late game rally by Citizens to keep the title until next year.

Team Jolly Rogers: Roger Ward Engineering

In all, over $2,000 was raised by the players and corporate sponsors to fund current projects being undertaken by the Indy Professional and Trine U. Student Chapters this year in the community of Guangaje, Ecuador.  Engineers from both chapters were working on water supply projects in Guangaje during the tournament and reported the following after their arrival back home last week:

Our trip was successful.  We accomplished all of the tasks we planned and will be ready next year to make improvements to the catchment of springs which will help resolve their problem of water shortages in the dry season.

As the photos show, about 20 men and women of the community constructed an open spring box in a 4-hour period in order to measure the flow of a spring that might be used in the future to augment the water supply during the dry season.  Also we enjoyed our farewell lunch of guinea pig, potatoes, eggs, beans and onions.


Guangaje Community Workers at Open Spring Box
Guangaje Community & EWB Team Members
Open Spring Box
Guinea Pig Lunch















Reserve your calendar for next year (tentatively Friday, August 16, 2019) when the Engineers will come together again to have a great time and support the great work that will be ongoing in Guangaje, Ecuador and elsewhere.

Many thanks!


Andy Olson Moyano, President, Indianapolis Professional Chapter, Engineers Without Borders-USA

A big Thank You to the tournament sponsors: