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On behalf of the Indianapolis Professional and Trine University Student Chapters, I would like to thank all sponsors, supporters and participants in this year’s record breaking kickball tournament. 

In the end, over $7,000 was raised to aid development projects that will improve the quality of life in the under served communities we are working in.

Tournament Champs Burke Ballers

The tournament champs for the second year in a row are the Christopher Burke Engineering Burke Ballers

Rookies of the Year Award goes to Shrewsberry who, on their first time out, trounced their competition all the way to the final game in both the Kickball and Fundraising competitions but were unable to defeat the returning champs. 

Shrewsberry/Burke Championship Game

Is this the beginning of a Burke Kickball Dynasty?  Will anyone be able to defeat this dynamo of a team?  Who will step forward next year to topple the kickball giants?

This year proved to be another memorable one, as the Citizens Energy Ball Busters team again challenged the Burke Ballers to a repeat post-championship grudge match.  It was a hard fought game late into the night, but Christopher Burke Engineering proved to be at the top of their game as they walked away with the win. 

Demonstrating Correct Home Run Form

The Most Funds Raised by a team award was hotly contested this year.  CE Solutions jumped to an early lead with a $190 donation.  Going into the final game the competition was close between CE Solutions, Shrewsberry and the Burke Ballers who were within $30 of each other.  Shrewsberry and the Burke Ballers were actually tied for the grand prize, but Christopher Burke Engineering scraped the bottom of their piggy bank and came up with enough scratch during their Citizens Energy Grudge Match to put them over the top and claim the Most Funds Raised Award by a team.

People donating/raising the most funds and receiving prizes for Most Funds Raised by an Individual go to Guidon’s Luke Leising, BLN’s Mike Cline, and Northpointe’s Donna Smithers.  Many thanks for their contributions.

While the Burke Ballers claimed the championship, CE Solutions, RQAW, and the Citizens Energy Ball Busters won their brackets. 

Once again, a big thanks to all sponsors and participants including Roger Ward Engineering, CE Solutions, RQAW, Commonwealth Engineering, Guidon Design, Structurepoint, Clark Dietz, HNTB, Christopher Burke Engineering, Citizens Energy, Shrewsberry, CHA, USCH, Donna Smithers, Mike Cline, Luke Leising, and Col. H. Allen Boyd.


Andy Olson Moyano      


Indianapolis Professional Chapter

Engineers Without Borders-USA


Col. H. Allen Boyd