This program came about as a joint application between the Comuna Guangaje, Ecuador community and Engineers in Action.

The community indicated that a water supply system previously built several decades ago by an aid organization was falling into disrepair.  Water supply had become unreliable, particularly during dry season.  The application is posted here: Community-Program-Application Comuna guangaje 28_10_2016 Final.  They requested that EWB review the problem and see if there was a way to resolve the situation.

The Indianapolis Professionals Chapter is taking on this program in conjunction with the Trine University Student Chapter.

The project team first traveled to Guangaje this past September 2017 to perform an initial assessment of water resources facilities in the community of about 300 people.  The team identified various projects that could be implemented in order to alleviate the chronic lack of sufficient water.  The initial assessment report is posted here: Assessment-Post-Trip-Report-Guangaje-Ecuador.

The Trine University students prepared an alternative analysis report, and is posted here:  Alternative Analysis Report Comuna Guangaje final draft combined. The report concluded that improvements to existing spring catchments should be done first, involving the construction of new spring boxes.  However, detailed site information was needed for the design and construction of new spring boxes. Therefore a second assessment trip performed in September 2018.  The second assessment report is posted here: 2018 Assessment Post Trip Report final combined 112118.  During that trip, the existing spring catchment systems consisting of subgrade rock channels, functioning as French drains, had become clogged over the past 10+ years.

The Trine University students then prepared a preliminary design report detailing the reconstruction of the rock channels and adding new spring boxes.  An implementation trip is planned for October 2019 to reconstruct the rock channels into French drains with 4-inch diameter perforated pipe embedded in granular fill and encapsulated in geotechnical fabric.  The Implementation Pre-trip Plan is posted here: Implementation-Pre-Trip-Plan- final 072619.  Depending upon the improvement realized in the reconstruction of the rock channels, construction of new spring boxes may be required during follow-up visits.

If you would like to get involved with this effort, please contact us.